Pelvic Exams Without Consent!

Despite widespread condemnation of the practice, performing pelvic exams on unconscious women for medical training, without explicit consent, is legal in 45 states. Please alert your people to this issue. Medical Students Practice Pelvic Exams on Anesthetized Women Without Their Consent ( Medical Students Practice Pelvic Exams on Anesthetized Women Without Their Consent (YouTube) Why … Read more

Protecting Your Accounts and Identity from Theft

Contents1 Why Should I Care?2 Stolen Credentials3 Data Breaches4 Phishing5 Bad Password Hygiene6 Identity Theft7 What Can You Do to Protect Your Accounts?8 Best Practices for Protecting Your Accounts9 The Big Picture10 Reference11 Stories of Woe12 Data Breaches13 Hardening WordPress14 This post was the basis of the talk I gave at WordCamp NYC 2019 Why … Read more

MacOS: User Account Won’t Delete

Contents1 Scenario2 Remove a User Account Using Terminal3 Environment4 Reference Scenario We were unable to delete an account using MacOS: System Preferences > Users & Groups.After selecting the user to delete, and clicking the “-“, we were prompted for the password of the account we were attempting to delete, which failed. I don’t recall if … Read more

Unable to upgrade Samsung Smart Switch for a Standard User Account

Samsung Smart Switch is software used to transfer contacts, etc. to a new Samsung phone, synchronize Contacts with Microsoft Outlook, and/or backup the phone. This is a typical issue where the software was developed without testing as a Standard User as the primary account. Contents1 Environment2 Issue3 Solution (Update 2020-12-06)4 Solution Environment Application: Samsung Smart … Read more

Wacom Intuos Pro: Multi-Touch Stops Working [Fix]

Contents1 Environment2 Observations3 Solution3.1 Option 13.2 Option 23.3 Option 33.4 Reference Environment OS: Windows 10 v1909 Device: Wacom Intuos Pro Pen Tablet S (PTH-460) – 2019 edition Wacom Driver Info: v6.3.38-2 Connection: Plugged into a built-in USB 3.0 port Observations The tablet stops responding to multi-touch input. The tablet responds to input from the Pro … Read more

OneNote Search Notebooks Stopped Working

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Did search All Notebooks in Microsoft OneNote stop working? Or you’re getting partial results, such as only new pages are searched? Then try the steps in this post to fix the issue. Note: This post applies to the desktop version of OneNote 2016, running on Windows 10. Contents1 Set the Scope of the Search2 Resetting … Read more

Adobe Creative Cloud: No Internet Connection

Contents1 Environment2 Observation3 Resolution4 Notes5 Reference Environment OS: Windows 10 Pro v1909 Affected Programs: Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft OneNote Application: NordVPN (and other VPN services) Observation After connecting with a VPN, you have Internet access with your Web Browser, but: Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop will not connect, showing the error: “No Internet Connection” and displays … Read more

How to enable AHCI in Windows 7 after installation as ATA

OS Windows 7 To enable AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) after Windows 7 is installed with ATA mode, do the following: Start Windows 7 Run Registry Editor Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Msahci Change the “Start” value from 3 to 0 Reboot and go to the BIOS immediately Set BIOS to AHCI The next time Windows 7 loads, … Read more

How to Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive to Install Windows 7

Contents1 Requirements2 How to Make a Bootable USB Flash Drive Without Using the bootsect Command:3 Using the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool to Create a Bootable Windows 7 USB Flash Drive3.1 Note:4 Reference Requirements An ISO of the Windows 7 installation DVD or a Windows 7 disc. You can download ISO’s from the list of … Read more

No Internet Access Because of Invalid Network

The Gateway IP address for the default route,, should be the IP address of the Default Gateway/router for your current network. Open a Command Prompt, with admin rights, then type the following command, then press the Enter key: route print If the Gateway IP address for the default route,, has the wrong IP … Read more