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Food Safety/Dangers

Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food: Everything You Need to Know

Health, Nutrition

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

  • In collaboration with the UC San Diego Center for Integrative Nutrition, the Berry Good Food Foundation convenes a panel of experts to discuss the rise of comprehensive medicine and nutritional healing to treat chronic disease and maintain general well-being. [6/2018] [Show ID: 33486] University of California Television (UCTV)

Game Changers

  • Meeting visionary scientists and top athletes, an elite Special Forces trainer embarks on a quest to find the optimal diet for human performance and health.
  • A film, executive produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, documents the explosive rise of plant-based eating in professional sports, mixing real-time, groundbreaking science with cinematic stories of struggle and triumph. The film features some of the strongest, fastest and toughest athletes on the planet.
  • Chris Kresser Debunks Game Changers on Joe Rogan

What the Health

Eating Animals (2017) An examination of our dietary choices and the food we put in our bodies. Based on Jonathan Safran Foer’s memoir.

Forks Over Knives

  • Examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods.
  • Shows how several people learn to change their diet and fitness to control and/or reverse heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases.
  • Forks Over Knives – Trailer (YouTube)
  • Watch: Forks Over Knives
  • Top Tips for Plant-Based Athletes

World’s Top Nutrition Experts Explain Scientific Proven Benefits of a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet by The Real Truth About Health

  • Panel Participants: M.D, Pamela A. Popper, Kim A. Williams, MD, MACC, FAHA, MASNC, FESC, Ph.D., N.D., T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr.

Food Matters – A hard-hitting, fast-paced look at our current state of health. Despite the billions of dollars of funding and research into new, so-called cures, we continue to suffer from a raft of chronic ills and everyday maladies. Patching up an over-toxic and over-indulgent population with a host of toxic therapies and nutrient-sparse foods is definitely not helping the situation.

PlantPure Nation tells the story of three people on a quest to spread the message of one of the most important health breakthroughs of all time. After nutritional scientist and author Dr. T. Colin Campbell speaks to the Kentucky legislature, his oldest son Nelson works with Kentucky State Representative Tom Riner to propose a pilot program documenting the health benefits of a plant-based diet. Through this well intentioned effort, they inadvertently set in motion a series of events that expose powerful forces opposed to the diet. After industry lobbyists kill the pilot program, Nelson decides to try his own grassroots approach in his hometown of Mebane, North Carolina, before circling back to Kentucky for a dramatic ending. PlantPure Nation

Eating You Alive – Featuring leading medical experts and researchers, takes a scientific look at the reasons we’re so sick, who’s responsible for feeding us the wrong information and how we can use whole-food, plant-based nutrition to take control of our health—one bite at a time.

  • Half of all adults in the U.S. struggle with chronic health conditions including cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and erectile dysfunction.
  • Despite countless dollars spent on medical research, new drugs and innovative technology to improve our health, more Americans are disabled and dying from chronic disease than ever before.

H.O.P.E. What You Eat Matters is a life-changing documentary uncovering and revealing the effects of our typical Western diet on our health, the environment and animals. Featuring Jane Goodall, T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Vandana Shiva, Melanie Joy and many other experts. The film is now free to watch all over the world.

Food, Inc.: This powerful film changed the way millions of Americans eat. Find out why.

Uprooting the leading causes of death by Michael Greger, M.D. []

Ending The Ketogenic Diet Debate – Dr. Kim Williams: Klaus from Plant Based News gets to ask Dr. Kim Williams (past President of the American College of Cardiology) questions about vegan & ketogenic diets. (YouTube)

Plant Based/Vegan Diet and Health – the Medical Evidence by Dr. Tushar Mehta

Doctor In The House | Only Human (EP01, S01) by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

  • One family. One month. One life-changing doctor’s examination. This medical format from the house of Studio Lambert sees a normal family invite a doctor into their lives for one month to undergo the health MOT of a lifetime.

Gary Yourofsky – The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear

  • An inspirational speech by Gary Yourofsky, an animal liberation activist, national lecturer on animal rights and veganism, and founder of ADAPTT, a non-profit organization based in the US. The speech was held at Georgia Tech university in July 8 2010.
  • Vegan Vs Vegetarian ft. Gary Yourofsky

Earthlings is an award-winning documentary about the suffering of animals for food, fashion, pets, entertainment and medical research.

Dominion is a feature-length documentary presenting an uncompromising, damning exploration of the various ways animals are used and abused by humans, particularly in the meat, dairy, egg, clothing and entertainment industries. Now available to watch online for free.

Vegucated follows a group of meat- and cheese-loving New Yorker’s who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks, lured by tales of weight lost and health regained.

What Vegans See | A Video For Non Vegans [NOT Graphic] : Ever wonder why vegans are so sensitive about things? Or why we seem to overreact so often?

Through Vegan Eyes: A thought experiment by [Compassionate Living]

How To Explain Why You’re Vegan by [The Vegan Activist]

Meet Your Meat (

Philip Wollen : Animals Should Be Off The Menu debate

Is Silk Vegan? How Is Silk Made? by Bite Size Vegan ( Emily Moran Barwick)

The Invisible Vegan: A Movement Toward A New Consciousness

  • A film by Jasmine Leyva
  • The Invisible Vegan is a 90-minute independent documentary that explores the problem of unhealthy dietary patterns in the African-American community, foregrounding the health and wellness possibilities enabled by plant-based vegan diets and lifestyle choices.
  • Over the past three decades, coronary heart disease and diabetes have steadily grown as the leading causes of health problems in America, disproportionately impacting the African-American community in particular.
  • This documentary offers both historical and contemporary perspectives on the dietary trends among African-Americans, showing how intertwined histories of slavery, twentieth-century socioeconomic inequalities, and the rise of Big Food have led to the increased consumption and dependence of meat, processed junk, and fast food.
  • Starring Jasmine Leyva, Cedric the Entertainer, John Salley, Stic of Dead Prez and Tracye McQuirter.

The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding

  • Reveals the scientific phenomenon of how we can heal our bodies by doing the simplest thing that a person can do…standing barefoot on the earth.
  • Featuring grounding pioneer Clint Ober
  • Over 20 peer-reviewed studies have shown that Grounding (Earthing) reduces inflammation…one of the most damaging internal biological processes that leads to chronic disease.
  • Read up on all the studies and research at

The Science of Why People Hate Vegans by Emily Moran Barwick

  • Despite growing public awareness and concern over how animals are treated in our food industry, vegans are still not well-received by the general public. Discover what research reveals about why people hate vegans. The reasons may not be what you expect!

Environment, GMO’s, Pesticides

  • GMOs Revealed: More than 50% of Americans are testing positive for Glyphosate in their urine from Monsanto’s RoundUp on GMO crops. Are you one of them?


When you talk with people, be mindful that you were not always living a plant-based/vegan lifestyle. Remember your journey.

Finance / Investing

HAPI: From Crops to Stocks documentary: The HAPI documentary presents a snapshot of economic history spanning from the dawn of civilization to today.

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