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Jamaican Foods and Recipes

Ital Eats and Treats by Tiffany

VeganSoulicious by Charlise Rookwood

Rachel Ama

Jessica in the Kitchen – Award winning vegan comfort food queen. Simple, approachable & seasoned recipes.

Nature’s Table Lifestyle (Chef Ras Manga)

Gluten-Free Plantaste

The Canadian African

  • Vegan Ghanaian recipes

Vegan Richa

Pick Up Limes by Sadia Badiei Recipes

Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes

  • Plant-based recipes inspired by Mediterranean and Eastern cooking, and created by Miriam Sorrell, a British native and resident of Malta.

The Buddhist Chef

Plant Based on a Budget

SweetPotatoSoul (Jenné Claiborne)

Peaceful Cuisine (Ryoya Takashima)


Brown Vegan (Monique)

That Girl Cooks Healthy (Charlene)

Carrots & Flowers

Sweet Simple Vegan (Jasmine Briones)

Soy Free “Tofu”

Minimalist Baker (Dana & John)

Love & Lemons (Jeanine & Jack)

Oh She Glows (Angela)

Hot for Food (Lauren Toyota)

Vegan Food Is Real Food

Vegan Yums

Vegan Foody

The Vegan Zombie

Still Current Studios Recipe Features

Vegan Yack Attack

We Are So Vegan

Eat Like You Give Damn

48 Vegan Chinese Recipes

Ackee Cookup with Luciano – Grace Foods Creative Cooking

It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken by Sam Turnbull (Michaela)

Chef Charity Morgan

Ty’s Conscious Kitchen – Alkaline Electric Recipes by Tyrone Pendland II

Very Vegan Recipes: Recipes, Kitchen tips, Eating Out, Health Tips, Product Reviews, Get Vegucated. – Vegetarian Recipes

PlantPure Nation Recipes. With the categories on the right-side.

Instant Pot & Pressure Cooker Recipes

Instant Pot & Accessories

Instant Pot Recipes


Almond Milk / Nut Milk


Groups, Meetups

ADAPTT (Animals Deserve Absolute Protection Today and Tomorrow)

Vegan Amino

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