Performance Tips


The most important performance enhancement one should make to your motorcycle is to get the suspension (front forks & rear shock) upgraded and adjusted properly to your weight, with full riding gear, and riding style.

  • More horsepower won’t help you ride better, especially if the motorcycle isn’t handling optimally.
  • Suspension tuning is not easy. Find an experienced suspension professional that really knows what they’re doing.

Tire Pressure

Check and set, if necessary, your front and rear tire pressures every time before you ride.

  • Too much or too little pressure is dangerous and will affect the handling of the motorcycle.
    • Too much pressure may cause the tires to not warm up enough to give you optimal traction.
    • Too little pressure may cause the tires to get too hot, causing them to get greasy, also reducing traction.
  • See: What Is The Right Pressure?