CST3607 Class Notes for 2018-12-18

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Quiz 5 – Fix Me Challenge!

  • Hands-on Troubleshooting.
  • You’ll be given a simulation file, with problems.
  • Your task will be to find and fix the errors in the configuration.


  • Boot into our server partition
  • Load Packet Tracer.
    • If it’s not v7.2 or newer, then download and install the current version.


  • If you don’t know why you’re setting or changing a parameter, then you should not change it. Don’t guess.
  • Do not remove OSPF from any of the routers!
    • You may need to remove/change/add network(s) from/to OSPF.
    • You must manually remove incorrect networks from the routing protocol, before adding the correct networks.
  • Do not change the Router ID in OSPF on any of the routers!
  • Verify that all the subnet masks, and OSPF wildcard masks are correct.
  • Verify that all IP addresses and all network addresses are correct.
  • If a DHCP client/host is not pulling updated settings from the DHCP server, use the ipconfig /renew command on that host.
  • You must set the clock rate to 9600 on the DCE interfaces.
    • But fix any routing protocol issues first.
  • Refer often to the network diagram to compare to the simulation.
  • Use the help built-in to Cisco IOS. e.g. show ?
  • If you modify anything outside of what is expected in the simulation, you’ll never get to 100%.

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  • Study for the Final Exam
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