CST3607 Class Notes 2022-03-29

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Lab-01 Debriefing

Decoding the output from “show ip route”

This is one entry from: show ip route

O [110/74] via, 05:29:08, Serial0/0

ORouting protocol “OSPF” network
[110Administrative Distance (AD)
/74]OSPF cost
via hop IP to Forward the packet to the network
05:29:08Aging time. How long the protocol has been running
Serial0/0Interface used to reach the next hop


Router Configuration Checklist

  • Identify the interfaces to be used.
  • Identify the directly connected networks.
  • Determine the network address of each network.
  • Configure the IP address and subnet mask on only those interfaces to be used.
  • Enable the interface(s) : no shutdown
  • Add the routing protocol
    • Add only the network address of each “directly connected” interface of specific router.

Cisco IOS Reference

Troubleshooting & Verifying Networks

Diagnostic Commands

Get very familiar with the output from each of these commands.

show ip interface brief
show ip route
show ip protocol
show ip ospf neighbor {If you’re using OSPF}
show controllers s0/0 or s0/1 {Determine if the serial interface is DCE or DTE}
show ip dhcp binding {If the router is configured as a DHCP server}
show running-config {Make sure to press the space bar to show additional pages if the CLI says “–More–”}
show ip arp

Hands-on Lab-02

  • Network Simulation Configuration
  • Configuring Network Interfaces
  • Troubleshooting Commands
  • You must be in class this day to get credit for completing this lab.
  • When saving, always increment the version number at the end of the filename every time you save. And, save often.
    • Starting Filename: CST3607 Lab-02 <YourLastName>, <YourFirstName> v01

Read / Watch / Do

CCNA Certification Study Guide, Volume 2

  • Read Chapter 8 : VLANs and Inter-VLAN Routing
  • Do the Written Labs
  • Answer the Review Questions
    • Do not submit your answers to Review Questions. The answers are in the Appendix.