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Access Control List (ACL)

  • Standard IP Access List
    • Filters network traffic by examining the source IP address in a packet
    • access-list numbers: 1-99 or 1300-1999
  • Extended IP Access List
    • Can evaluate many of the other fields in the layer 3 and layer 4 headers of an IP packet.
    • Can evaluate source and destination IP addresses, the protocol field in the Network layer header, and the port number at the Transport layer header.
    • access-list numbers: 100-199 or 2000-2699
  • Inbound access list: applied to inbound packets on an interface, before being routed.
  • Outbound access list: applied to outbound packets on an interface.
  • An access list must be applied to an interface to be executed
Standard ACL (1-99)
Extended ACL (100-199)
applied closest to the destinationapplied closest to the source
Denies or Permits: source IP addressDenies or Permits: source IP address
destination IP address
port or service

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Lab-07: Chapter 11: VLANs and InterVLAN Routing

Chapter 11 VLANs Network Diagram

Use the following devices

  • R1: ISR4321
  • S1: 3560-24PS (Multilayer)
  • S2: 2960-24TT
  • S3: 2960-24TT

Syntax for filenames: (Increment the version each time you save.)

  • CST3607 Lab-07 Lastname, Firstname (11.0) v01
    • (For the initial topology build, and configuration)
  • CST3607 Lab-07 Lastname, Firstname (11.1) v01
  • CST3607 Lab-07 Lastname, Firstname (11.2) v01
  • CST3607 Lab-07 Lastname, Firstname (11.3) v01
  • CST3607 Lab-07 Lastname, Firstname (11.4) v01

Completed Lab Submission

  • Send me only your completed 11.4 lab and the configuration documentation text file.
    • E-mail Subject: CST3607 Lab-07 YourLastName, YourFirstName
  • Note: Bring your text book to class for the rest of the semester
  • IP Address Summary

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