CST3607 Class Notes ~ 2022 Spring



Stay Informed!

Studying & Learning Tips

TuesdayFebruary 11st Day of CST3607
ThursdayFebruary 3
TuesdayFebruary 8Classes follow Friday schedule
ThursdayFebruary 10
TuesdayFebruary 15
ThursdayFebruary 17Assignment #1 Due before 6PM on Tues. Feb. 22, 2022
TuesdayFebruary 22Assignment #2 Due before 6PM on Thurs. Feb. 24, 2022
ThursdayFebruary 24
TuesdayMarch 1
ThursdayMarch 3Assignment #3 Due before 6PM on Tues. March 8, 2022
TuesdayMarch 8Assignment #4 Due before 6PM on Thurs. March 10, 2022
ThursdayMarch 10Quiz 1
Assignment #5 Due before 6PM on Tues. March 15, 2022
TuesdayMarch 15Assignment #6 Due before 6PM on Thurs. March 17, 2022
ThursdayMarch 17Exam 1
TuesdayMarch 22
ThursdayMarch 24Hands-on Lab-01
TuesdayMarch 29Hands-on Lab-02
ThursdayMarch 31Hands-on Lab-03
TuesdayApril 5Hands-on Lab-04
ThursdayApril 7Hands-on Lab-05
TuesdayApril 12Hands-on Lab-06 and Hands-on Lab-07
ThursdayApril 14Exam 2
TuesdayApril19No Classes. Spring Recess
ThursdayApril 21No Classes. Spring Recess
TuesdayApril 26Hands-on Lab-08
ThursdayApril 28Hands-on Lab-09
TuesdayMay 3Hands-on Lab-10
ThursdayMay 5Exam 3
TuesdayMay 10Hands-on Lab-11
ThursdayMay 12Hands-on Lab-12 & Lab-13
TuesdayMay 17Quiz 6
ThursdayMay 19Hands-on Lab-14
TuesdayMay 24Final Exam