CST3607 Class Notes 2021-03-04

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Subnetting Tutorial & Reference

How Routers Talk to Each Other

Delivery of a Packet

  • Direct Delivery
    • Direct delivery occurs when the source and destination of the packet are located on the same physical network or when the delivery is between the last router and the destination host.
  • Indirect Delivery
    • If the destination host is not on the same network as the deliverer, the packet is delivered indirectly.
    • In an indirect delivery, the packet goes from router to router until it reaches the one connected to the same physical network as its final destination.
    • A delivery always involves one direct delivery but zero or more indirect deliveries.
    • The last delivery is always a direct delivery.
Diagram of Direct and Indirect networking

Routing protocols

Autonomous System (AS)

  • A group of networks and routers under the authority of a single administration.
  • The Internet is a network of networks; it’s broken up into hundreds of thousands of smaller networks known as autonomous systems (AS). Each of these networks is essentially a large pool of routers run by a single organization.

Convergence (routing protocol)

  • In a converged network all routers “agree” on what the network topology looks like.


  • A unit of measure used by routing protocol algorithms to determine the best pathway for traffic to use to reach a particular destination.
  • Routers use various metrics and calculations to determine the best route for a packet to reach its final network destination.
  • Each routing protocol uses its own algorithm with varying weights to determine the best possible path.

Hands-On Lab

  • Make your best effort to hand in your 100% completed lab as soon as possible.

Cisco IOS and Router Command Reference

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