Password Managers

What is a Password Manager and Why You Should Use One


LastPass Configuration

  • On the Login screen: Uncheck “Remember Email”
  • On the Login screen: Uncheck “Show My LastPass Vault After Login”
  • Under: Preferences > General: enable “Automatically Logoff when all browsers are closed for (mins)” and set the time to 1 min
  • Equivalent Domains: These are different domains that belong to the same entity. Also some Web sites my switch to a different domain for authentication.
    • Go to: My Vault > Account Settings > Equivalent Domains
    • Some “Equivalent Domains” to add to LastPass are:
  • Make sure to:
    1. Export your encrypted LastPass Vault data on a regular basis: Tools > Export To > LastPass Encrypted File
    2. Download and keep a copy of the current LastPass executable. This will allow you access your exported data, if is not available or you don’t have Internet access.

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