HyperTerminal is no longer part of Windows

OS Windows 7, Windows Vista

According to Microsoft, “HyperTerminal is no longer part of Windows.”

Purpose of HyperTerminal

HyperTerminal is a terminal emulation program that supports communications over TCP/IP networks, Modems, and serial COM ports.

I use HyperTerminal to connect, via the serial port, to the console port on Cisco switches and routers. This lets me do the initial configuration, like setting the IP address and subnet mask. Once the device has an IP address, I can then switch to using telnet to access it.

Where to find HyperTerminal

If you have access to a clean Windows XP computer, you can copy the HyperTerminal files from it and use them on Windows 7 without a problem.


  • C:\Program Files\Windows NT\hypertrm.exe
  • C:\WINDOWS\system32\hypertrm.dll
  • C:\WINDOWS\Help\hypertrm.chm
  • C:\WINDOWS\Help\hypertrm.hlp

You can copy all of the above files to the same directory on your Windows 7 or Vista PC.