CST3607 Class Notes 2021-10-26

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Subnetting Tutorial & Reference

Router Configuration Checklist

  • Identify the interfaces to be used.
  • Identify the directly connected networks.
  • Determine the network address of each network.
  • Configure the IP address and subnet mask on only those interfaces to be used.
    • Double check you’re adding the correct IP address to the proper interface.
  • Enable the interface(s) : no shutdown
  • Add the routing protocol
    • Add only the network address of each “directly connected” network.

OSPF Routing Protocol

Troubleshooting & Verifying Networks

Cisco IOS

  • How to configure:
    • Serial Ports
      • DCE vs DTE
      • Clock Rate on DCE end only
      • # show controller serial0/0
      • OSPF Routing Protocol uses the Wildcard mask, not the subnet mask, when defining the network.
      • DHCP via Cisco IOS
        • Set the range exclude addresses for static IP’s from the DHCP pool
  • Cisco IOS Reference

Read / Watch / Do

CCNA Certification Study Guide, Volume 2

  • Read Chapter :
  • Do the Written Labs
  • Answer the Review Questions
    • Do not submit your answers for this chapter. The answers are in Appendix.

Study for Exam 2

Better Focus and Efficient Studying When Not Multitasking