Unable to upgrade Samsung Smart Switch for a Standard user account

Application: Samsung Smart Switch v4.1.16102.12

OS: Windows 10 Professional (64-bit) v1607


  • Installing Smart Switch under a Standard user account completes without any errors. But, when you check Information > Smart Switch Information, the version number is still the old version.
  • During installation, UAC (User Access Control) does prompt for an Administrator password.
  • Installing Smart Switch while logged in as an Administrator does not fix the problem for the Standard user account.
  • Smart Switch will show the updated version number while logged in as an Administrator, but shows the old version when logged in as the Standard user.


  1. Log into Windows as the Standard user that needs to run Smart Switch.
  2. Temporarily elevate the Standard user to an Administrator.
    Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\User Accounts > Manage Another Account
    Change account type from Standard to Administrator
  3. Install Smart Switch. When you see the UAC prompt, enter the password for the current user that was temporarily elevated to admin.
  4. Run Smart Switch and check the version to verify that the newer version installed correctly.
  5. Demote the user back to a Standard user.
    (Change the account type from Administrator back to Standard.)
  6. Run Smart Switch again to verify that it’s working as a Standard user, and the version was updated.

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