Unable to Upgrade Samsung Kies 3 for a Standard user account

Application: Samsung Kies 3 (v3.2.15024.8)
OS: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional (64-bit)
Device: Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Issue :

Installing Samsung Kies 3 under a Standard user account completes without any errors. But, when you check Information > Kies Information, the version number is still the old version.
During installation, UAC (User Access Control) does prompt for an Administrator password.

Installing Kies 3 while logged in as an Administrator does not fix the problem for the Standard user.
Kies 3 will show the updated version number while logged in as an Administrator, but shows the old version when logged in as the Standard user.

Resolution / Fix:

  1. Log into Windows as the Standard user that needs to run Kies 3.
  2. Temporarily elevate the Standard user to an Administrator.
    Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\User Accounts > Manage Another Account
    Change account type from Standard to Administrator
  3. Install Kies 3.
  4. When UAC prompts, enter the password for the current user.
  5. Run Kies 3 and check the version to verify that the newer version installed correctly.
  6. Demote the user back to a Standard user.
    (Change the account type from Administrator back to Standard.)