How to Record RAW in Slot 1 and JPEG in Slot 2 on Sony Alpha Cameras

These instructions are based on the Sony A7 III, but can be applied to the other Sony Alpha cameras, as their menus are the same or very similar. e.g. A7RIII, A9, A7SIII

  1. Go to the Camera: Quality/Image Size menu (1st tab), Page 1/14
  2. Select “File Format” and set it to “RAW & JPEG
  3. Go to the Setup Menu (The tab that looks like a toolbox.)
  4. Go to Page 6/7
  5. Select Record Media Settings
  6. Set “Prioritize Rec. Media” to “Slot 1
  7. Set “Recording Mode” to “Sort(RAW/JPEG)

Below “Auto Switch Media,” you should now see:

  • Slot 1: RAW/Video
  • Slot 2: JPEG

Recording Mode Choices

Sort (RAW/JPEG) Writes RAW to Slot 1 and JPEG to Slot 2 Video in Slot 1 only
Simult. (P/V) Writes the same file to both Slot 1 and Slot 2. .

Go to the Sony a7 III page for more configuration information

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