Sony α7 III (ILCE-7M3)

a.k.a. Sony a7 III – Sony Alpha 7 III

Sony Fixes Data Loss Bug in Firmware v2.10 for the a7 III and a7R III

Benefits and Improvements from the v2.10 Firmware update (2018-12-17)

  • In rare cases, the camera may stop functioning while writing RAW data onto an SD card that has already been used multiple times
    • Notes:
      • This may also cause abnormalities in the files managing the images, preventing the images from displaying on the camera.
      • No image data in the memory card will be corrupted or deleted aside from the data that was being written at the time the interruption occurred.
  • Solves the problem caused by a specific third-party memory card, which would not be recognized by Sony cameras
  • Improvement of the overall stability of the camera

Sony Pulls Alpha 7 III Firmware 2.00, 2018-12-07, to fix a rarely occurring playback problem reported by multiple users.

If you’ve already updated to the 2.00 firmware, Sony recommends the following:

  1. Before taking new pictures, back-up your data and format the memory cards in both slots on the camera, or use a new memory card.
  2. Ensure the Auto Review function is off when taking pictures.

Auto Focus, Eye Auto Focus (Eye AF)

How to use “Eye AF” (Eye Auto Focus) on the Sony a7 III

  1. Use the Fn (Function) [14] button to set the “Focus Mode” to AF-C (Auto Focus –  Continuous).
  2. Use the Fn (Function) [14] button to set the “Focus Area” to Lock-On AF: Expanded Flexible Spot
  3. Press the “select button” in the center of the Control Wheel [15] to enable Eye AF.
    • Additionally, you can program Eye AF to the AF-ON or AEL button to make easier to engage Eye AF.

Auto Focus Modes

Prioritize Focusing While Using Continuous Auto focus and High fps

  • Set: Menu > (Camera Settings 1) AF1: 5/14 > [Priority Set in AF-C] = AF
    • [Priority Set in AF-C] Sets whether to release the shutter even if the subject is not in focus when the continuous AF is activated and the subject is in motion.
      AF: Prioritizes focusing. The shutter will not be released until the subject is in focus.
  • This allows the camera to reduce the # of frames/second, if it needs to, in order to make sure the auto focus is correct.

Using Zebra for Photography Sony a7 III by Aron J Anderson

  • Use Zebra Level set to 100+ IRE to maximize exposure without clipping.
  • Adjust the exposure (open the aperture) till you see zebra stripes, then back it down till the zebra stripes disappear.
  • Check out the Histogram Chart at 2:00.

Setup Guides

Setup Guides for Video

Sony a7 III Tracker at

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  • You can read the “Image Count,” a.k.a. shutter activation/count, using the ExifTool by Phil Harvey. Silent/quiet shutter activations are not counted.

Sony A7 III, how to manually control A, S and ISO?

  • After switching the camera to A, S, or P, modes, you can use the front wheel to change the parameters.

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