CST3607 Class Notes 2019-03-12

News and Tools

The Pentagon’s Weapons Are ‘Easily Hacked’ With ‘Basic Tools’

CryptoHarlem Is Teaching Digital Security to the Over-Surveilled Black Community

@Citizenlab catches ISPs invisibly redirecting download requests for popular programs, injecting them with government spyware. Unencrypted web traffic is now provably a critical, in-the-wild vulnerability. 20-30% of top internet sites affected.

The Hapless User: Secure from the inside out

Cisco CSS/CSM Day 828 problem

Exam 1 Debriefing

Assignment #6 Debriefing

IP Subnet Practice Page (Todd Lammle)

Router Simulators & Emulators

Cisco IOS

What Is Administrative Distance?

Read / Do

CCNA Routing and Switching Study Guide 2nd Edition

  • Read Chapter 6 (Cisco IOS)
  • Do the Chapter 6: Written Lab and Review Questions
  • Bring in your book (Chapter 6) for the Hands-on lab.

Note: Until further notice, bring your text book to every class, so that you’ll have access to the instructions for the Hands-on Labs.

Cisco Packet Tracer

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