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Western Digital HD's in USB Enclosures

When installing a Western Digital hard disc drive into a Macally PHR-100AC FireWare/USB2.0 External Enclosure, the drives jumper must be set to CS (Cable Select), its default, to work correctly when using the USB port.

With the WD drive set to Master, the FireWire port will work but not the USB port. With the USB port on a PC with Windows XP, the system recognized that a USB drive was plugged in, but is unable to access the drive.


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Systems that can access USB hard drives from DOS

Brand & Model Type FreeDOS MS-DOS Capacity Tried
Dell Latitude D600 Laptop Yes   80GB, Lacie 250GB
HP Compaq nx6110 Laptop Yes   80GB
Dell Latitude D630 Laptop Yes   Lacie ruggedXL 1 TB

You'll care if you want to run SpinRite or another DOS based program to recover or diagnose an external hard drive.

Let me know of any other Intel/AMD based computers that support accessing USB hard disc drives from DOS.


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