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Removing Resouce Forks and .DS-Store Files From non-Macintosh Volumes


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Removing Resouce Forks and .DS-Store Files From non-Macintosh Volumes


Mac OS X supports resource forks on Windows SMB shares by creating a hidden file in the same directory with the data fork file. These files begin with "._" (dot underscore).

.DS_Store files keep track of icon sizes and positions, etc..

Non-Macintosh OS's have no use for resource forks or .DS_Store files.

Be careful though, since some older Macintosh applications unwisely store data in the resource fork instead of just meta data.

Finding These Files

To find and remove all the "._" files, enter the following in Search.

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Click on the Search button
  3. Enter the following under "Search by any or all of the Criteria below"
      • Type of file: (All Files and Folders)
      • Enable the following by ticking the box next to each one:
        • Search System folders
        • Search hidden files and folders
        • Search subfolders
  4. Click the Search button

Search for Dot Underscore



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