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Problem Importing a Blackboard Test in Zip File Format with Firefox 3
Grade Center scroll bar is missing when using Firefox
How to Hide Previous Test Answers from Students
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Problem Importing Blackboard Test in Zip File Format with Firefox 3

Platform Blackboard 8.0


With Mozilla Firefox 3.5x and Blackboard v8 you receive a "Please enter a valid file" message when you attempt to import a Blackboard test in a zip file format using the Test Manager or Pool Manager.


Install the User Agent Switcher (0.7.2) add-on into Mozilla Firefox 3.5x. This will add the "User Agent Switcher" to the Firefox Tools menu, after Firefox is restarted.

Select: Tools > Default User Agent > Edit User Agents... to open the "User Agent Switcher Options" Window.

Select New > New User Agent...

Type in "Blackboard" for the description, "mac" for the user agent, and clear all other fields, then click OK to add the new Blackboard user agent. Click OK once more to close the User Agent Switcher Options window.

Firefox User Agent Switcher Options Firefox User Agent Switcher Blackboard

Login into Blackboard

Switch to the User Agent setting for Blackboard by going to Tools > Default User Agent, then select Blackboard

Reload the page. (Press F5)

You should now be able to successfully import a Blackboard test, in zip file format, into the Blackboard Test Manager or Pool Manager.

Remember to switch back to the default user agent once you've completed the import. Tools > Blackboard > Default User Agent.



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Grade Center scroll bar is missing when using Firefox

Platform Blackboard 8.0

This might occur when using Firefox and Windows with extra large fonts.   To solve this problem without changing the font size, follow these steps:

For Windows XP

On Windows 7



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How to Hide Previous Test Answers from Students

Platform Blackboard 8.0

Regardless of whether you have enabled "Display Until" for a test, and the test is no longer listed under assignments, students may still be able to view the questions, their answers and the correct answers using "My Grades."

What a student sees depends upon the options you enable under "Test Feedback."

If you don't want students to see the correct answers at all or until sometime in the future, then change the option under "Test Feeback."

In Blackboard, go to:

Control Panel > Assignments > Modify Test > Modify the Test options

Under Test Feedback: Uncheck:

Make sure to leave "Display Until" enabled to prevent students from taking the test after the deadline, if you've enabled multiple attempts.

Note: I enable multiple attempts for a one-time test as a time saver. If there is a problem, such as the browser crashing, then the student can restart the test without waiting for me to reset their attempt in Blackboard.


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Issues During Test Import

Platform Blackboard 8.x


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