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Fix for "Opening this document will run the following SQL command" when you're not doing a mail merge


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How to Print Double Sided on a Single Sided Printer Using Publisher 2002

These are the steps I used to print to a HP LaserJet 6P

Create new document using "by publication type" > Programs.

This creates a publication that prints four pages on 8.5" x 11" paper in landscape orientation, 2 pages per side. When folded in half, page 1 is the front, page 4 is the back and pages 2 and 3 are on the inside.

To Print:

  1. Go to page 1 of the publication.
  2. File > Print > Current Page
  3. Answer No to Print as separate booklet? (prints pages 1 and 4)
  4. Put page, face down, into the manual feed tray
  5. Go to page 2 of publication
  6. File > Print > Current Page
  7. Answer No to Print as separate booklet? (prints pages 2 and 3)


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Turn Off Startup Task Pane

When using Microsoft Word 2003, I don’t like having the Startup Task Pane displayed because it wastes too much horizontal space, making the text smaller.

To turn off the Startup Task Pane, go to

  1. Tools > Options > View tab
  2. Uncheck, Startup Task Pane, within the Show section
  3. Click OK

Sometimes, even after turning off the Startup Task Pane, the next time Microsoft Word 2003 is started, the Task Pane could come back.

If you are unable to get Word to leave the Startup Task Pane turned off, then you could try the following:

  1. Launch Regedit from the Start menu's Run dialog
  2. Browse to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Common\General.
  3. Look for a DWORD called DoNotDismissFileNewTaskPane.
  4. Double-click it and change its value to 0.

Now the task pane will not automatically open when you start Word.

For those running Office 2002/XP, the fix is exactly the same, but with 10.0 replacing 11.0 in the Registry key.


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Change The Location of Where Microsoft Outlook Delivers E-mail

You can choose "Personal Folders" or the e-mail Server

  1. Go to: Tools > e-mail Accounts > View or Change existing e-mail accounts
  2. Change the option for "Deliver new e-mail to the following location:"

If your e-mail is now being saved in a local file and you want Outlook to leave new e-mail on the mail server instead, then change "Deliver new e-mail to the following location:" from "Personal Folders" to your Exchange Server Mailbox or POP3 account.


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Cannot Change Suggested AutoComplete Date Year Format

The AutoComplete feature in Microsoft Word suggests a two-digit year instead of a four-digit year, regardless of how your Regional Settings are configured.


Create an AutoCorrect Entry to correct the date after accepting the suggested AutoComplete date. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On the Tools menu, click AutoCorrect.
  2. On the AutoCorrect tab, type /05 in the Replace box.
  3. Then type /2005 in the With box.
  4. Click Add to add your new AutoCorrect entry to the AutoCorrect list.
  5. Click OK to close the AutoCorrect dialog box.

When you type the first four characters of the date, Word suggests today's date as usual. If you type 1/1/, Word suggests the date 1/1/05. Press ENTER, SPACE, or the TAB key to accept the suggested date. When you press the SPACEBAR to type additional text or press ENTER to go to the next paragraph, Word corrects the date with the AutoCorrect entry you added.

For example, Word corrects the date from the date you accepted, 1/1/05, to 1/1/2005.


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Upgrading From Office 97 to Office 2000 without the Office 97 CD

Usually when upgrading a large application like Microsoft Office, I prefer to uninstall the old version first. Unfortuntely, Microsoft Office 97 will not let you uninstall it without inserting the Office 97 CD-ROM into the computer. When you use Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel to uninstall Microsoft Office 97, it runs the setup program which then prompts you to:

Please insert your Microsoft Office 97 Professional CD 1

When I ran into this issue, I didn't have an Office 97 CD with me.

This is not a problem.

Run setup from your Office 2000 CD and then choose the upgrade option when prompted.

The upgrade option of Microsoft Office 2000 Professional will delete the current version, Office 97, before installing Office 2000.


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Cannot insert an MS Organizational Chart 2.0 object into PowerPoint 2000 under Windows 2000 or XP

When logged in as a member of the Users group, under Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP, you may receive an error message that indicates that Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 cannot load the MS organization chart. (See: HOW TO: Create a Custom Default User Profile)


When MS Organization Chart 2.0 starts it deletes MSOClip.232 from the C:\WINNT\ directory. It then tries to create MSOClip.232, but cannot because the Users group does not have enough rights to create the file in the C:\WINNT\ directory.


  1. Log in as a user that's a member of the Administrators group
  2. Run Microsoft PowerPoint 2000
  3. Insert > Object… > MS Organization Chart 2.0. This will create MSOPrefs.232 and MSOClips.232 in the C:\WINNT\ directory.
  4. Exit from PowerPoint 2000. No need to save the file.
  5. Use Windows Explorer to select both MSOPrefs.232 and MSOClips.232 in C:\WINNT\.
  6. Right click on MSOPrefs.232 and MSOClips.232 and choose Properties
  7. Select the Security tab, then select the Users group
  8. Uncheck "Allow inheritable permissions from parent to propagate to this object," and click on the Copy button from the resulting "Security" window that pops up.
  9. "Allow" only Read, Write rights for the files. This should prevent MS Organization Chart 2.0 from deleting MSOClips.232 when it starts. Do not allow "Modify" rights. The "Modify" attribute is the same as the "Delete" attribute in advanced security settings.
  10. Click OK to exit the properties and save the settings.



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Add a Folder Shortcut to the Open Dialog box in Microsoft Word 2003

  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. Click on File > Open
  3. Using "Look in:," navigate to the directory you want to add a shortcut to
  4. In the Tools menu, click on Add to "My Places"

The Folder Shortcut will be available for the Open and Save dialogs for all Microsoft Office applications.


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Add a Folder Shortcut to the Open Dialog Box in Microsoft Word 2007

  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. Click the Office Button > Open
  3. Using "Look in:," navigate to the directory you want to create a shortcut to
  4. Right click in an empty area in the box below "Look in," then choose Add '<Folder name>'
Word 2007 Open Dialog box

The Folder Shortcut will be available for the Open and Save dialogs for all Microsoft Office applications.


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How to Generate Sample Text in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word 2003

To automatically generate sample text in Word 2003, type =rand() then press the enter key.

You can also use =rand(x,y), where x is the number of paragraphs and y is the number of words in each paragraph.

Microsoft Word 2007

To automatically generate sample text in Word 2007, type =rand() or =rand.old() or =lorem() then press the enter key.

You can also use =lorem(x,y) or =rand(x,y)

Where x is the number of paragraphs and y is the number of words in each paragraph.

Sample Text Function Not Working?

If the =lorem() or =rand() functions do not work in Microsoft Word 2007, make sure that "Replace text as you type" option is turned on.

  1. Click the Office Start Button (top-left corner)
  2. Click the Word Options button
  3. Click the Proofing option (in the left pane)
  4. Click the AutoCorrect Options button
  5. On the AutoCorrect tab, make sure the "Replace As You Type" check-box is ticked.

When this option is disabled, the =rand() and =lorem() functions are disabled as well.



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How to Slipstream Office 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2)

  1. Download the standalone installer, office2007sp2-kb953195-fullfile-en-us.exe (290 MB).
  2. Create two directories in the root of a hard drive with enough free space, e.g. C:, called Extract (C:\Extract) and Updates (C:\Updates).
  3. Move the Office 2007 SP2 installer to the Extract directory.
  4. Open a Command Prompt window (CMD) and type the following:
CD C:\Extract
office2007sp2-kb953195-fullfile-en-us.exe /extract:C:\Updates
  1. Agree to the EULA and then close the Installer when completed. (Note: This may take a few minuts to display.)
  2. Move the contents of the C:\Updates folder to the Updates folder in your Office 2007 install folder structure.
  3. Optionally, burn it to disc.


  1. This can only be used for the initial installation of Office 2007 and cannot be used to update an existing installation.
  2. Since the patched files do not get integrated in to the installation source, the Office 2007 setup program basically just runs whatever is in the Updates directory once it is done, which can greatly increases the installation time on some computers.


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Moving Table Rows in Word 2007 Splits the Table

Affects: Word 2007, Word 2007 SP1, Word 2007 SP2




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Reset Microsoft Word Settings




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