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FinePrint Printer Settings

2 per page (2 up)
HP LaserJet 6P
HP LaserJet 5Si NX
Lexmark T640
Duplex type long side long side  
Paper orientation Smart Landscape  
Printer duplex capabilities This printer requires manual duplex This printer has automatic duplex This printer has automatic duplex
  Paper must be rotated 180 degrees Portrait produces vertical flipping  
Notes   With duplexing unit installed With duplexing unit installed

What is FinePrint?

FinePrint lets you print multiple pages per physical page to reduce the amount of paper used in a printout. It also makes it easy to print on both sides of the paper on single sided printers.


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How to Export Data and Table Structure From a MySQL Database Using phpMyAdmin 2.3.3pl1

  1. In the left column of phpMyAdmin, click on the database name.
  2. Click on the Export tab
    You should now be on the page that shows "View dump (schema) of database" under the tabs
  3. Click on "Select All" or hold the Ctrl key down and click on the tables you want to export.
  4. To the right of the list of tables, click on "Structure and data"
  5. Below the list of tables, click on "Save as file"
  6. Click the Go button, then save the file locally when prompted.

This will create a .php file that you can copy to and run on your Web server to create the tables and import the data into your database.


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How to access Dell Diagnostics from the utility partition on Dell OptiPlex computers

To access the utility partition, perform the following steps:

  1. Turn on the computer or shutdown and restart it if it is already powered on.
  2. As the computer boots, right after the after the Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock lights flash on the keyboard, press the Ctrl+Alt+F10 keys at the same time.

If the utility partition exists, the system boots to the Dell Diagnostics.

The Dell Diagnostics are also available for download.


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IP Config Shortcut

Here's a shortcut to display what your current IP Address settings are for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

  1. Right click on an empty area of your Desktop and choose new > shortcut
  2. When the Create Shortcut wizard appears, enter the following for "Type the location of the item:"
    %windir%\System32\CMD.exe /K "ipconfig /all"
  3. Click next
  4. Type ShowIP as the "name for this shortcut:"
  5. Click Finish

If you right click on the ShowIP shortcut you just created, you should see:

Target: %windir%\System32\CMD.exe /K "ipconfig /all"

Change Start in: to \


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Configure Windows Explorer's Startup View

Right click on the shortcut that runs Windows Explorer and mofify the target to look like this:

SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /n,/e,/select,c:\ 


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Surge Protected Power Strip Failure

It's wise to always use surge protected power strips for all your electronic equipment. The part of surge suppressors that protect against surges, the MOV's, won't last forever. They will wear out after a while.

I recommend that you get a surge protected power strip that has a light that indicates that the surge suppression circuit is working. If you're using a surge protected power strip that has no indication of whether the surge suppression circuitry is still fuctioning, you should replace it, since you won't know if your equipment is being protected.

Telephone and cable TV lines can also get surges, so you may want to get surge protection for them also.



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Component 'Flash.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered


When attempting to run Packet Tracer 3.2, or other Flash based applications, the following error is displayed:

Component 'Flash.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

Flash.ocx error

This is caused because the Macromedia Flash Plugin for Internet Explorer is not installed, misconfigured, or corrupt.


  1. Start Internet Explorer
  2. Go to the Flash Player download page
  3. Under "Also Install," uncheck the Yahoo! Toolbar
  4. Click on the "Install Now" button
  5. Once Flash is installed, exit from Internet Explorer
  6. Start Packet Tracer 3.2

Flash Player Download

You can also download the full version of the Flash Player for Internet Explorer for offline installation.


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How to Uninstall Symantec AntiVirus Without a Password

OS Windows XP

When uninstalling Symantec AntiVirus (SAV) you may be prompted for a password for the uninstall to continue. If you've forgotten the password, you can modify the registry to allow the removal of SAV without supplying a password:

  1. Press Windows Key + R (This displays the run dialog box)
  2. Type cmd and then press the Enter key (This will open a Command Prompt)
  3. At the Command Prompt, type regedit and press Enter. (This will open the Registry editor)
  4. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel\LANDesk\VirusProtect6\CurrentVersion\AdministratorOnly\Security
  5. Double click on the DWORD value: UseVPUninstallPassword
  6. Change the value of UseVPUninstallPassword to 0 (zero) and click OK
  7. Close the Registry Editor
  8. Uninstall Symantec AntiVirus

Note: The registry key for newer versions of SAV or Symantec Endpoint Protection is:


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