CST3607 Class Notes 2021-03-09

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Subnetting Tutorial & Reference

Routing Tables

  • The minimum fields needed in a routing table:
MaskThe network prefix (in CIDR notation) of the destination network
Network addressThe network address of the destination/target network

The network interface used to get to the next hop router. 
a.k.a. “Exit Interface” 
Think… From the router you’re on, which interface do I have to send the packet out of, to get it to the neighboring router?
Next Hop IP addressThe IP address of the neighbor router closest to the router you are working on.
Think… From the router I am on, what is the IP address of the closest router to me, I must forward the packet to, to get that packet to the destination network?

Router Configuration Checklist

  • Identify the interfaces on the router to be used.
  • Identify the directly connected networks.
  • Determine the network address of each directly connected network.
  • Configure the IP address and subnet mask on only those interfaces on the router that are going to be used.
    • Enable the interface(s) : no shutdown
    • Add a description to the interface
  • Add the routing protocol
    • Add only “directly connected” networks to the routing protocol of the router.

Lab-02: Building Routing Tables

  • Download Lab-02 Assets zip containing: 
    • Overview Diagram (png)
    • Network Diagram (pdf)
    • Worksheet (docx)
  • You must be in class to get credit for this lab.
  • You must complete the routing table for all routers, and e-mail the completed worksheet before the beginning of the next class, to get full credit for this lab.
    • E-mail Subject: CST3607 Lab-03 YourLastName, YourFirstName

Lab-03: (Configuring Router interfaces, and the RIP Routing Protocol)

  • You’ll need a USB Flash drive with at least 200MB of free space to save your labs.
  • You must be in class this day in order to get full credit for completing this lab.
  • When saving, always increment the version number at the end of the filename every time you save. And, save often.
    • Starting Filename: CST3607 Lab-03 YourLastName, YourFirstName v01
  • Download Lab-03 Assets zip containing:
    • Packet Tracer Template
    • Instructions (PDF)
    • Network Diagram (PDF)
    • The lab must be done in the current version of Cisco Packet Tracer
  • Note: Substitute the # within an IP address with the number assigned to you in class. Use all other octets/digits, as written.
  • After you’ve verified that all of your configurations are complete and accurate, and you’re able to ping from host A to B and from B to A, and the routing tables on both routers are correct, only then e-mail your completed simulation file and configuration text file to me for grading.
    • E-mail Subject: CST3607 Lab-03 YourLastName, YourFirstName
  • Note: Do not use “version 2” when configuring RIP
  • Important: A fully functional & accurate Lab-03 is required, as it is the starting point/baseline for future labs.

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Make sure to always have access to a calculator which has an Exponent function (^key) ( x) for every class.

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