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How to Install VirtualDJ for use as a Standard User
Live AntiVirus and Recovery Discs
E-Mail Server Client Configuration
Microsoft Windows Tips : (Windows 7, Server 2003, Vista, XP, Windows 2000)
Recommended Software
Recommended Hardware
Remote Access : Remote Desktop / Terminal Services / VPN / LogMeIn
Ghost Tips (Imaging / Cloning using Symantec Ghost)
Security & Privacy Tips and Encryption Tips
Principle of Least Privilege:
How to Get Programs to Run While Logged in as a Member of the Users/Limited User/Standard Group
How to Disable AutoPlay / AutoRun
IP Address Conversions : Decimal to Base-256 / Base-256 to Decimal
Cisco IOS and Router Command Reference
Set IP Address via Script
How to use a Live Linux CD/DVD to scan a Windows PC for Viruses
Blackboard Tips and Fixes

Internet Access Issues (a.k.a. Web Browser Access Issues)

Removing Resouce Forks and .DS-Store Files From non-Macintosh Volumes
Windows SteadyState Installation & Configuration Tips
What are ISO Image Files and how do I use Them?
Reserving a Letter for the CD-ROM Drive
Web Browser & E-Mail Client Tips:
(Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express)
Virtual PC Tips
Router Tips : (DSL & Cable Broadband Routers)
General Computer Tips
Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader Tips
BlackBerry Tips
Dell Device Driver Directory Names
Hardware Tips
iPod & iTunes Tips
Mac OS X Tips
Microsoft Office Tips : (Microsoft Access Tips)
VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) Tips
Visual Basic .NET Tips
Visual Basic 6.0 Tips
DC 37: Local 2627: Jobs Descriptions and Salary Schedule
Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
GEGeek - PC Tech Reference : TreePad
WARNING: 5 Reasons why you should NEVER fix a computer for free


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