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Disc Lock Caution

When using a disc lock to secure your motorcycle, be careful not to forget it when you try to ride. Here is the "high-tech" :) method I use to make sure I do not forget to remove my disc lock.

When you lock the motorcycle, just wrap the other end of the string around the handgrip or top of the fork. The string will be a warning to you that the disc lock is still attached. Trying to ride off with a disc lock still attached is not a pretty picture when the wheel suddenly stops. Your rotor could get bent or break, you could damage the bike when it falls, or worse, you could get hurt.

Hopefully this tip will be helpful to you and your friends.

Kryptonite makes a Disc Lock Reminder.


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Safety Wire Your Oil Filer Cap

By safety wiring your oil filler cap, you'll have a quick visual cue that the bike has not been tampered with. If you need to add oil, its easy to cut the wire and add some. The safety wire won't stop a determined bad guy, but at least you'll know if the bike is okay. If the wire is broken or tampered with, tow the bike home or to a shop. Not perfect, but better than having to replace an engine.

You can use a 1/16" drill bit to drill the hole and use .032" safety wire to secure it. Lockhart Phillips has safety wire pliers, safety wire, and other realated items. Search for "safety wire."

Check out: Hands On: Safety Wiring (or)

Here's a real life example:
From: NYC-Moto: Monday, August 4 2003: Volume 2003 : Number 166
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2003 17:23:58 -0400
From: C. S.
Subject: Things could always get worse...

My '01 FZ1 was vandalised while I was in Provincetown. Unbeknownst to me a sick twisted a-hole put sand in my oil and I rode home on it. I found out when I changed the oil upon my return and saw the crap in the oil pan. I had the bike towed to Speers and it appears that the damage is catastrophic with low compression in all cylinders. If anyone knows of an '01, '02, or '03 engine or reasonably priced running wreck, or of a salvage yard that has any of the above please let me know.

C. S.
'01 FZ1, in the operating room awaiting transplant.
'82 650 Seca, current reliable but rusty ride.




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Coil Tension Safety Pin Type Clip / Spring Clip

Use Coil Tension Safety Pin Type Clips in combination with safety wire to allow easy disconnection of those parts that are removed on a regular basis. i.e. Brake Caliper mounting bolts, Axle pinch bolts, etc.
You should be able to find them locally at Home Depot or Lowes, or you can order them from (623-444-5022) or McMaster-Carr (Search for Safety Pin).
Coil Tension Safety Pin Type Clip


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